Master Frankie Lacroix from Belgium is promoted to a Hapkimooyeh grandmaster and the 8th Dan.

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Honored, proud, and happy is how I felt when the title of ‘Grandmaster’ and the 8th dan degree was awarded to me.  I could have never achieved this without all the mentors, masters and even students that have crossed my path over all of these years in my martial arts carreer.  Many mentors and masters have been an example for me and I will do my very best every single day to be an example for everyone who crosses my path.  Traditions go a long way, and I will definitly contribute to these lifelong traditions.  Hapkimooyeh has given me the chance to evolve into everything that I am today.  To be the first non-Korean Grandmaster in the World Hapkimooyeh Federation is a great example for everyone.  So never let anyone keep you away from your path in life.  You can achieve everything you set your mind to.  As I always say to my students: “The key to succes is to never give up”.

Grandmaster Frankie Lacroix.