Hapkimooyeh, also called Hapkido is composed of many types of training, such as meditation, kicking techniques, locks, fall breaks, defence with weapons, and so much more. Also the basics of sword and traditional archery of Kummooyeh are integrated into our federation.

The idea of the World Hapkimooyeh Federation is to offer a wide scale of techniques. Because of the enormous growth of Hapkido over the last period of time, there are many more techniques that are being further developed. This is also why we would like to welcome all styles of Hapkido to exchange experiences, techniques but also create a Hapkimooyeh family.

Hapkimooyeh, like other martial arts requires discipline, respect and a dedication to training. A new student begins with learning the basics. When the student is committed to the martial art, he will have the change to keep growing.