A Dojang is a place of history, knowledge and support. It is a place of discipline where an individual can learn martial arts and key principles by which to live by as previously noted. It is for these reasons that a Dojang commands the respect of those who enter and train.


•Students shall bow when entering and leavind Gojang, on meeting fellow students and before and after addressing the instructors or the master
•Always show respect to the Sabum Nim(instructor) and address then as “Sir” or “Mam”
•Always acknowledge instructions given by your instructor or master e.g. “yes sir” or “yes mam”
•Do not appoach the instructor / master with trivial matters.
•Be dressed and ready to train at least 5 minutes prior to the commencement of class
•Lay out your swords and bag in a neat manner
•Train hard and diligently and be attentive and alert. Sloppiness in traing is unacceptable
•Talking during class shall be kept to a minimum
•Learn the basic training commands
•Regularly attend classes
Note: It should be pointed out that bowing is not a sign of subservience but an acknowledgement of mutual respect you have for your fellow students, instructors and your master.