What is Hapkimooyeh?

Hapkimooyeh is founded by Master Dongkeun Lee, Master Hak Yoon Lee, Master Kwang Hee Ahn and Master Frankie Lacroix, it is a Korean martial art practiced all over the world.  Characterized by joint locks, throws, weapon, weapon techniques and dynamic kicking techniques, Hapkimooyeh is unique because of the wide diversity of techniques.

Hapkimooyeh is designed to allow a martial artist to rapidly subdue an opponent and render any attacker completely incapable of causing harm. Since Hapkimooyeh affords total control over a physical confrontation and emphasizes precision over brute strength.

Hapkimooyeh not only offers self defence techniques in all kinds of ways.  It also offers meditation techniques, which allow a person to train the body and mind equally.

All these parts combined make that Hapkimooyeh is a very interesting martial art, where everybody can find themselves.